Best Tactical Pen For Self-Defense

Tactical pens are discreet self-defense tools that often stay hidden in pockets. Built to withstand rigorous use, tactical pens tend to be remarkably durable.


These pens feature heavy knurling for grip and may include a glass-breaker tip in case of emergencies. Furthermore, many of these pens possess an innovative mechanism that collects DNA from potential attackers. 


Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen


Danger can strike when you least expect it, which is why Gerber joined forces with law enforcement professionals to create the Impromptu tactical pen. Not your ordinary writing implement, this rugged tool features a tough machined steel body and integrated glass-breaker tip for ultimate protection in times of emergency.

This USA-made push-button pen is built to withstand the elements. It uses a "Rite in the Rain" bullet ball point pen cartridge that's effective in both wet and dry conditions. Plus, its machined steel body makes it strong enough for any challenge you throw at it.

The Impromptu's tempered window-shattering tip is ideal for breaking car windscreens during emergencies or self-defense situations. Not only that, but its stainless steel clip and black Cerakote coating make it a durable EDC tool with the potential to outlast you.


CRKT Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is an ideal option for anyone seeking a writing instrument that can also double as a self-defense weapon. These inconspicuous devices don't need extensive training and can deliver a painful strike to any potential attacker when necessary.

These tools come in a range of styles and materials. Many are constructed from stainless steel or titanium, providing strength yet portability - ideal for carrying around.

Some tactical pens even feature a glass-breaking tip, making them more useful in certain emergency scenarios. A quality tactical pen should have an ergonomic grip that's nonslippery and comfortable to hold, while its hardened glass-shattering tip will shatter glasses with one powerful blow.

CRKT's tactical pen is designed to serve double duty as an excellent writing instrument and self-defense weapon. Crafted with precision-machined 6061 aluminum construction and a hard coat color anodized finish for durability and toughness, its tapered body offers a secure grip in any position.

Cold Steel Pocket Shark

The Cold Steel Pocket Shark is an indispensable item on any EDC list. Not only does it write in black ink, but it doubles as a high-impact self-defense tool thanks to its patented magnetic clasp that keeps its lid securely closed. Plus, at only 1.7 ounces in weight, you won't feel much bulk when carrying this pen around with you.

Despite its weight, this tactical pen is easy to pick up and carry. It makes the ideal tactical pen for your wallet or briefcase and will endure some serious abuse. The magnetic clasp is especially strong, capable of withstanding some pretty intense abuse. This sleek metal case provides room for up to five markers plus some extras.

However, its biggest flaw is that it can be difficult to store away in your wallet or briefcase when not needed. Its smallest gripper is ideal for holding a few sheets of paper securely - however, that may be more than you need in one go!

The Atomic Bear SWAT Pen

If you need a pen that does more than just write, the Atomic Bear SWAT Pen is an ideal option. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and featuring a tungsten steel glassbreaker tip, this tactical pen can break windows in one powerful strike.

It is also incredibly durable and comfortable in your hand. The cap is screw-on, making it simple to take off and reattach.

This tactical pen writes well and can be used for various situations. It accepts Parker G2 and Fisher Space ink refills, so you have the flexibility to select which type best meets your requirements.

This tactical pen is both affordable and comes with a lifetime warranty. It features a stainless steel clip to keep it close by, as well as an cree LED flashlight that's great for emergencies. Its stylish design and functionality make this item essential in any survival kit.