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Caliber Gourmet™ Tactical BBQ Apron, Good Quality Oxford Material.

-Caliber Gourmet™ BBQ 5 in 1 multi-tool is the perfect multi-tool combination for your BBQ master arsenal. Use the marinade brush to equip your chicken for battle with tasty sauces with one hand, while simultaneously grilling hot dogs or flipping burgers with the other. We conveniently fit the five must haves and most popular grill tools into one compact and stylish package. Whether you just need a one handed grilling tool to simply flip burgers into action or you need a two-handed capable multi-tool, We got you covered!

-The Caliber Gourmet™ Combat Condiment ketchup and mustard dispensers are designed to look like grenades. Let the flavors of your BBQ explode with the Combat Condiments! Flip the top open and squeeze the grenade to dispense your favorite condiments.

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