Tactical Mini Drink Vest

Breathable polyester, switchable name patches, hook-and-lop fastener straps


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The Tactical Mini Drink Vest is the newest way to keep your drink cool! Styled after a real tactical vest, you’ll be sure to never lose track of which drink is yours. The Mini Drink Vest features interchangeable name patches (MILITARY and S.W.A.T.), adjustable straps, and an inside mesh liner. The vest is made to fit around any  bottle 12-22oz, or any standard can 12-20oz. The Tactical Mini Drink Vest is suited for both Hot and Cold drinks.
Features and Specifications:
– Inside lined with polyester mesh for proper insulation
– Removable/changeable name patches
– Fits a large size range of drinks
– Comes in black

– Keeps drinks hot or cold