Holidays evolve. For example, you probably haven’t eaten literal “Humble Pie” with the extended family lately, right? This British recipe calls for the “umbles” of a deer, including the heart, liver and brains stuffed into a freshly baked crust. “Umble Pie” eventually came to be known as “Humble Pie” and stuck around as a holiday standard for hundreds of years.  Fortunately, baked venison brain is now nothing more than a Ghost of Christmas Past.

But while many holidays have evolved, Father’s Day seems to stay half stuck in a Leave it to Beaver era. Ties, socks and tired BBQ accessories abound, because…well, Father’s Day has yet to be drug kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

It’s time for a better holiday, with better gifts. Here’s how you can be a part of the solution, rather than part of the sock-giving problem.

Pilots Will Always Be Cool: Not only were the sky aces of WWII some of the most heroic military members in the history of our nation, but those veterans who made it back from dogfighting over Europe and Asia dreamed up one of the most essential elements of America, motorcycle culture. Sure, generations past had loved the freedom of two wheels, but it was those returning WWII pilots who formed the first motorcycle clubs and brought the rebellious and independent spirit to the pop culture lexicon.

Pilot cool has never gone out of style, and it looks great in every era. (As a reminder of just how silly aged out fashion looks, go ahead and Google “Von Dutch Trucker Hats.” #NeverForgetNeverAgain). A pair of pilot inspired shades will look just as iconic in a photo ten years from now as they do today.

(Literally) Get Your Stuff Together: Modern travel is a miraculous thing. As one comedian famously pointed out “people complain about a five hour flight from New York to LA. That trip used to take two years and half the people died!”

Of course, the modern ability to travel comes with headaches as well. But not having your stuff organized shouldn’t be one of them. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, the elk hunt of a lifetime or two weeks laying on a beach, there’s no better gift than the gift of organization. Maybe it’s possible to own too many bags, but we haven’t seen it yet.

To give a gift that will be loved as much as it’s used (which is a lot!) check out Campcoshop’s assortment of backpacks, classic duffels, rifle bags, edc shoulder bags (more stuff is needed on vacation than pockets can hold!), or larger rucks for hiking and/or extended stays.

Staples That Never Go Wrong: Here’s something that’s (at least almost) universally true: it’s impossible to have too many knives and flashlights. From trimming a stray thread before a big meeting to utility cutting in the bass boat and deer stand, there’s always going to be something that needs to be cut. Ditto on light in dark places, whether that’s looking behind the couch for lost keys to illuminating a deep woods adventure.

Campcoshop has a great selection of flashlights and sharp, durable blades from Uzi and Humvee

The Gift of Staying Alive: Unfortunately, it takes a scrape with danger for most of us to realize how unprepared we are. For my wife and I, it was experiencing our kayak capsizing in rural Wisconsin. Her brother and sister-in-law called the police, who were out searching the backcountry for us. Three hours later, we were able to walk our way out of a bad situation and toward the flashing red lights of a squad car who had come to our rescue.

That long, barefoot walk taught me a lot about preparation. For one, I’d kicked my shoes off and stowed them in the kayak’s back chamber for a day out on the water. As the thorns and sticks that make up Wisconsin underbrush cut my feet to shreds, I wished to God with every step I’d been better prepared. Ditto with water, a knife and a couple of flares that were within reach when the boat went down. (All were on board, all were not easily accessible).

There’s no better gift for someone you truly love than the gift of peace of mind. Humvee offers an excellent selection of survival gear that will increase preparedness for a variety of situations and climates.