Find the Perfect Smith & Wesson Watch For You


A Smith & Wesson watch is not a one-use kind of watch.


A Smith & Wesson watch is a versatile staple for any military personnel or civilian, suiting both tactical purposes and daily activities. Crafted from durable materials with stylish designs and practical functions, Smith & Wesson watches offer quality and precision fit for all needs.


No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a watch for you.


For those who favor functionality:

Sometimes practicality reigns supreme. If you’re active, it’s important to have a watch that will last and serve you well without weighing you down or getting in your way.


  1. World Time Oversized Digital Stopwatch

With its 24-hour countdown timer and 20-lap memory, the World Time Oversized Stopwatch allows you to track your activities with ease on its 65 millimeter face. Whether you hang it around your neck or leave it to the side, it’ll do its job.


  1. Water Resistant Carabiner Pocket Watch

Clip it to your backpack or loop it around your belt, this watch isn’t going anywhere. Perfect for the adventurers who refuse to be bothered, use the Carabineer and its LED light and glow-in-the-dark hands to guide you through your treks. The watch comes in black and silver.


For the lovers of simplicity:

You want to make a statement, but you don’t want to show-off. These stylish but effortless watches are excellent pieces for anyone who wants to add just a small flare.


  1. Lawman Watch

Pairing a classic design with reliability, this watch features glowing hands to assist you throughout the day. For an additional $12.00, the Lawman includes an electronic back glow for easy time-telling at night.


  1. Commando Watch

At only 3.6 ounces, this sturdy watch has a stainless steel case and hardened mineral glass to protect it. Take it anywhere and trust that it will endure whatever it faces.


  1. Cadet Watch

Suitable for every occasion, the Cadet watch is reliable, precise, and water-resistant up to 164 feet, all wrapped up in a simplistic design with an easy-to-read face. The watch numbers can be green or orange.


  1. N.A.T.O. Watch

Even with a pop of color, this watch remains sleek and sophisticated with its canvas and faux leather strap.


  1. Military Watch

This watch’s three interchangeable straps (black, olive drab, and tan) make this simple watch perfect for those who want to change it up from time to time. It has two options for the face color: black and olive drab.


For the day-to-nighters:

On long days, there isn’t time to sweat the little things. Worry less with these watches, whose capabilities will carry you through the day while their style will keep you looking your best while you’re out on the town.


  1. Civilian Watch

This impact- and water-resistant watch is great for rough and tough work days, but its genuine leather strap and polished design make this a hit for any adventures after dark that require you to look suave and sophisticated.


  1. Paratrooper Watch

The black stainless steel finish and durable rubber band of the Paratrooper Watch are appropriate for any athletic or social endeavor.


  1. Pilot Chronograph Watch

A multi-function chronograph gives you the freedom to track with accuracy, while the glowing hands let you check the time at the midnight hour. Complete with a sleek metal design, the Pilot Chronograph Watch will keep you on time from morning to night.


  1. Police Watch/Firefighter Watch/S.W.A.T Watch

Made with these men in uniform in mind, the face colors represent different factions of American Heroes (Police – blue, Firefighter – red, S.W.A.T. – black). Each has a back glow and their force’s name imprinted on the watch face, along with the Smith & Wesson logo. These watches are elegant and resilient, offering constant support for all actions of the day.


For those who are always active:

Swimming, running, or climbing, your watch can’t fail you. A heavy-duty piece will provide you with the reliability you need.


  1. Amphibian Commando Watch

With a sporty and water resistant design and rubber strap, this watch is perfect for both daytime and nighttime swims with its glow-in-the-dark hands.


  1. Scout Watch

Its large face is ideal for glances to check the time quickly. Take it on a hike or a swim, its scratch- and water-resistant technology will keep it safe. The two stylish colorways are black/orange or black/white.


  1. Trooper Watch

This water-resistant watch with a rubber strap comes in two colorways: orange strap/hour marks or black strap/white hour marks.


  1. Code Black/ Red Watch

This watch is for the extreme: stainless steel caseback, rubber strap, water- and scratch- resistant, and a large face of 50 millimeters.


  1. Calibrator Watch

A 51 millimeter face makes a statement, while its functions and design make this watch long-lasting. There are four colorway options: blue, orange, white, and yellow.